Accessories for Hillrom's Patient Lifts
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Accessories for Hillrom's Patient Lifts

Hillrom's patient handling products are modular in design, offering several accessories to meet your patient mobility needs.


Hillrom's hardline accessories help you adapt the way you use our patient lift systems to best meet your needs. From turn tables to sling bars and auxiliary scales to wall chargers, they help you use our lifts in new ways to fit your workflows. For patient lifting that’s as easy and as effective as possible, Hillrom can help you select the hardline accessories to best meet your patient mobility needs.


Attention: Not all products/options are available in all countries. Please check availability with your local Hillrom representative or click on Request More Information to contact Hillrom customer service.

Universal Slingbar

Universal 450, 600 and 670 SlingBars

Offered in both quick-release and bolt-connected options, our Universal SlingBars can be used with several Hillrom lifts. The Universal 450 SlingBar is a two-point sling bar that comes standard with the Likorall, Golvo, Viking® M & L, M220/M230 and Uno patient lifts. The Universal Twinbar 670 is a four-point sling bar that comes standard with the Viking XL mobile lift. The Universal 600 SlingBar is used with comfort slings when separate legs are "overlapped," or to provide comfort when lifting larger patients.

SlingGuard Slingbar

Liko® SlingGuard 450 & 670 Twin Slingbars

The SlingGuard slingbars are used with the LikoGuard overhead lift. They are designed to minimize the risk of user error by ensuring the slings are properly attached—so you can be confident in your patient’s safety during transfers.

  • Safe working load: 363 kg
Cross Bars

Liko® Sling Cross-Bar 450 & 670 Slingbars

The Sling Cross-Bars are four-point alternatives for lifting patients. Offering a reclined, relaxed sitting posture, these sling bars are best suited for use with high back or head support slings—and they can be used with any Hillrom lift. (Special adapters may be required.)

  • Safe working load: 300 kg
Liko Sidebars

Liko® Universal Side Bars

These side bars offer four-point suspension to support patients of size, or to support a semi-sitting posture. They are approved for use with the Universal 400 or 600 sling bars.

LikoScale (any model)

LikoScale 350 Auxillary Scale

Hillrom's LikoScale is an auxiliary digital scale that can be used with all Liko lifts, offered in three models with varying maximum loads and features. When equipped with quick-release connection, one scale can serve an entire unit.

LikoScale 350 (Class III/NAWI: Non-Automatic Weighing Instrument)

  • Safe working load: 400 kg

Hillrom Lift Stretchers

Lift Stretchers refer to accessories designed to lift patients in the supine position. Hillrom offers four models:

Liko OctoStretch with Stretch Leveller

  • Designed to help you easily apply the loops from the LiftSheet Octo accessory
  • Safe working load: 200 kg

Liko FlexoStretch

  • Offers adjustable widths
  • Safe working load: 300 kg

Liko UltraStretch

  • Two-point attachment is designed for the UltraTwin system
  • Safe working load: 400 kg

LikoStretch Mod 600 IC Wide

  • Reaches 32 in (80 cm)
  • Safe working load: 250 kg

Mobile Lift Auxillary Battery Charger

Hillrom mobile lifts offer built-in electrical chargers as standard, but auxiliary battery and charger options are available from Hillrom. These options ensure your lifts are ready to use and offer the versatility to conforming with your facility's standard procedures for charging battery operated medical devices. For lead-acid and lithium-ion batters, both wall mounted and table chargers are available. For nickel-mtela-hydride batteries, a wall mounted charger is avialble.

Viking Mobile Patient Lift Armrests

The armrests on our mobile lifts provide important support for ambulation. (They come standard on the Golvo mobile lift, and as an accessory on the Viking series.) Armrests can help you provide a safer environment for initial standing, standing assessments and ambulation exercises to gain strength. These armrests are easy to install—or you can contact us for support.

Liko® UltraTwist® Bariatric Accessory

Available in Slim or Wide models, the UltraTwist uses two overhead motors to provide 360° turning for patients of size. It can help you mobilize patients from in-bed to sitting at the edge of bed, along with ambulation and positioning into bedside recliners. It is a key component to elevating mobility for your bariatric patients.

  • Safe working load: 500 kg

Liko® Turntable Accessory

Sometimes a change in direction is all you need—and the Liko Turntable can help. This accessory offers perpendicular turns in your rail system with either the pull of a cord (mechanical) or push of a button (electrical). When you need your overhead lift to reach another care area in the patient room—or simply to change direction in your home—the TurnTable may be the solution.
Transfer Motor

Transfer Motor Likorall ES

The Transfer Motor is a motorized solution that drives the Likorall lift along the straight rail system. Depending on your installation, it can be maneuvered via a hand control or remote hand control. The Transfer Motor is compatible with the Likorall 242, 243 and 250 models.

  • Safe working load: 250 kg
Traverse Switch

Liko® Traverse Switch Accessory

The Liko Traverse Switch is a device for transferring a lift motor between a traverse system and straight rail system. Often, the rail system design has traverse square-foot coverage in the patient room and then a straight rail to the en-suite bathroom. The Liko Traverse Switch is operated with either a wall-mounted control box or a wireless remote hand control.

Education & Documentation

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Product Documentation

  • Instructions for Use

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    LikoScale 200, User Manual
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    LikoStretch Mod 600 IC, User Manual
    Octo LiftSheet, User Manual
    OctoStretch, User Manual
    Sling Cross-bars, User Manual
    SlingGuard sling bar, User Manual
    Solo Octo LiftSheet, User Manual
    Straps Mod 600 IC, User Manual
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