Welch Allyn<sup>®</sup>
TAGecg Wearable ECG Sensor
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Welch Allyn®

TAGecg® Wearable ECG Sensor

Transform arrhythmia detection and management at the point of care with continuous ECG recordings from the Welch Allyn® TAGecg® Sensor.


The Welch Allyn TAGecg Sensor is a wearable, continuous ECG recorder designed to help transform the way you detect and manage arrythmias at the point of care. We’re empowering clinicians like you to better detect irregular heart rhythms like atrial fibrillation (A-Fib) and atrial flutter right in your own facilities. With accurate arrhythmia detection, you have the power to shorten the path from diagnosis to treatment—and the power to help improve outcomes for your patients.


With no leads or wires, this patient-friendly technology minimizes disruption to daily activities to promote patient compliance. And with a simple, reimbursable procedure, the TAGecg Sensor can provide positive financial outcomes for your practice.


  • Help detect A-Fib and flutter with an accurate, sensitive, proprietary algorithm
  • Record data for up to seven days
  • Streamline office workflows with easy application and access to the entire ECG recording
  • Connect, analyze and interpret results right in your office—no third-party service or dedicated staff needed
  • Generate reports immediately with actionable patient data snapshots
  • Help limit disruption and improve compliance with its small, lightweight, single-lead design
A male patient wears the single-lead, thin Welch Allyn TAGecg Sensor under his button-down shirt.
A middle-aged, female patient rakes leaves outdoors while discreetly wearing a Welch Allyn TAGecg Sensor.

Designed with Your Patients in Mind

Help limit disruptions to your patients’ daily lives with lead-free, wire-free arrhythmia monitoring. The TAGecg Sensor’s discreet, lightweight, water-resistant design helps improve patient compliance while capturing ECG data for up to seven days. And once the exam period is complete, you can access patient data right in your office with simple analysis and reporting.

The TAGecg Sensor has been easy to integrate into our practice, and application on our patients has been straightforward. We apply the discreet sensor to the patient and let them resume their daily activities without any interruption. When the patient returns to our office, the software provides an easy-to-understand report in a matter of minutes, reducing the time to diagnosis. All in all, the TAGecg [Sensor] has shown to be a simple, reimbursable test to help screen for early a-fib detection.

Nancy Caviness, Practice Manager, Paris Cardiology Center

A caregiver quickly downloads ECG data from a TAGecg Sensor recording module.

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