iLED7 Surgical Light
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iLED® 7 Surgical Light

See surgical sites in a new light with the latest 3D sensor technology.


Don’t lose sight of what’s important in your OR. The iLED® 7 Surgical Light gives you consistent light on the surgical site, even when you’re working directly beneath the light head. A 3D sensor system identifies obstacles in the illuminated field and turns individual modules on and off to reduce unwanted shadows. The light pattern size and intensity stay the same regardless of the distance between the light and the surgical site, reducing the need for manual adjustments. That means getting a clearer view while you work, with fewer distractions.


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  • Once you set the pattern size (6”, 8” or 10”), the light head automatically maintains that size and intensity at any typical working distance.
  • You may operate the light with an intuitive touchscreen wall control panel or directly from the sterile light handle.
  • The flexible interface allows the light head to be upgraded with your choice of camera.
  • A slim, compact design makes the light ideal for conventional or laminar airflow systems.
  • Rounded edges and smooth surfaces make the light easy to clean.
  • Lightweight materials support and simplify positioning.

Smart Shadow

3D sensor system helps eliminate unwanted shadows.

Smart Illumination

Light quality & brightness stay consistent at different distances.

Smart Pattern

Pattern size is automatically maintained during procedures.

Smart Flexibility

Fit your choice of camera with the flexible interface.

Technical Specifications

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Illumination Level (Ec in 1m) (lx) 160,000
Pattern Size (d10) at 1 m 16 cm - 25 cm
Pattern Size Constant Over Working Distance 31" - 51"
Color Temperature (K) at 1 m 3,500 / 4,000 / 4,500 / 5,000

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