Helion Integrated Surgical System
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Helion Integrated Surgical System

Comprehensive Simplicity to Improve OR Efficiency


A gateway at your fingertips to redefine OR integration. The Helion Integrated Surgical System provides comprehensive simplicity to surgical teams as you strive to achieve peak procedural performance and connectivity in the OR. The system combines advanced solutions in video management with innovative features that allow you to quickly access needed information without interruptions, improving workflow efficiency and patient safety.


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The need for innovation and connectivity in the operating room is accelerating, along with your need to stay connected to your team. Yet too often, your team is challenged with complex, multi-step equipment that is hard to set up, let alone navigate.

What if you had access to intuitive and innovative technology that allows your care teams to achieve peak procedural performance with secure, high-quality connectivity throughout your surgical environment?

The Helion™ system redefines OR integration.

As the core of the hyperconnected OR, the Helion Integrated Surgical System acts as a gateway at your fingertips - providing surgical teams with the comprehensive simplicity they need to enhance efficiency and flexibility within the OR. With the Helion system, you can connect to:

·        Vital patient information inside your operating room.

·        Live video and imaging feeds during the procedure.

·        The outside world to consult, teach and confer.

As a complete system, the Helion system allows you to route, record and share any video source from any vendor using any video standard, up to 4K with full 3D support. User-centered design and intuitive interfaces and controls help you effectively manage your surgical suite and the flow of patient information. Flexible display and recording options including split views, simultaneous two-channel recording and on-screen room controls allow surgical teams to quickly customize and adjust preferences.

Give your care teams the tools they need to reduce interruptions and delays, allowing them to stay focused on the patient.  


Drag and drop functionality and easy to navigate user interface.


Multiple network communications options like PACS, HIS and EMR.


Powerful, high-bandwidth video routing with zero latency.

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