Ampera™ Bed
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Ampera™ Bed 

Trusted performance for all care environments

The Ampera family of beds from Hillrom delivers the essential requirements needed in today’s care facilities. With advanced features for patient/resident mobilisation and safety, the Ampera range offers a choice when looking at beds that will work with staff to ensure optimal care. 

The Ampera features patented Bed Height Memorisation (available for Style and Select configurations), that offers the ability to memorise the preferred bed height for an individual. Additionally, the one-touch egress position facilitates easier pivoting of the patient/resident to a side-sitting position at the memorised height. This allows for a safer and more comfortable bed egress. 


This versatile bed can be lowered to a resting position of 35 cm* to minimise the risk of falling, or raised to a stable working height of 77 cm* to ensure a safe and ergonomic working position for caregivers. In its lowest position, the bed’s proximity to the floor can give fall-prone patients/residents a greater feeling of safety and help to reduce the severity of falls. 


  • Central braking and steering functions ensure enhanced security for patients/residents
  • Line-Of-Site™ backrest indicator ensures accurate patient/resident positioning information for caregivers
  • Intelligent AutoContour™ and Sliding Backrest minimise patient/resident migration in bed, reducing abdominal compression during bed articulation
  • Caregiver control with total lock-out means enhanced operational safety

Technical Specifications

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Mattress Replacement
Length 200 cm
Width 90 cm
Width (narrow version) 77cm
Height 16 cm
Weight 8.4 kg
Control Unit
Length 29 cm
Width 15 cm 
Height 12 cm 
Weight 3.5 kg
Safe Working Load
Weight 250 kg
Recommended therapeutic weight
Weight 30 to 150 kg