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Airway Clearance Devices & BP Monitors

BP monitoring and respiratory therapy home care solutions are helping care teams adapt to a global crisis.

A father sitting with their daughter on a couch while receiving a treatment from The Vest® Airway Clearance System.

In the face of a global health crisis, traditional care practices require meaningful shifts. Fear and anxiety can cause patients with chronic illness to delay or forgo care. The availability of ongoing checkups or early preventive care can become limited when providers are stretched to their limits, causing care teams to look for innovative solutions that can provide the same quality of care.

Insurance company Cigna studied hospitalizations in February and March of 2020 and found an 11% reduction in hospitalizations for acute coronary syndromes, and a reduction of more than 30% for patients with transient ischemic attacks or atrial fibrillation.1 People with chronic conditions are especially at risk. According to the CDC, 6 in 10 American adults suffer from chronic illness.2 Telemedicine is now being used like never before.

Innovations in home health care devices, particularly BP monitoring and respiratory therapy home care from Hillrom can ensure the continuum of care isn’t interrupted. The right home care solutions facilitate effective monitoring and treatment of chronic disease.

Achieving better accuracy  

Precise measurements and results are imperative to care, and with home health care devices, this accuracy is even more important. When patients have trouble adhering to therapies, it can undermine their own progress. When they struggle to provide correct readings to providers, it results in providers having to schedule additional follow-ups. Innovative connected home care solutions from Hillrom address issues of inaccuracy, non-compliance and lack of communication.  

Improving patient outcomes 

No one wants to spend unnecessary time in the hospital. Clinical-quality home health care devices can help people go home from the hospital faster. Innovations enable providers to monitor patient conditions from the office while patients are safe and comfortable at home. The ongoing management and therapies that home care provides can also help reduce acute events. 

Hillrom offers clinical-quality solutions for scaling chronic disease care during health crises, allowing for greater accuracy and enhanced care outcomes. Real-time insights can help streamline operations and automate workflows for clinicians. 

The Vest® Airway Clearance System is designed to assist patients in the mobilization of retained secretions that contribute to increased rates of respiratory infection, hospitalization and reduced lung function. Studies have shown 94% of patient’s regression line slopes for FVC and FEV1 become more positive after two years.3 With over 80 clinical studies conducted in acute care, long-term care and home care, The Vest®Airway Clearance System has become the standard for respiratory home care.4

Volara System combines three key therapies in a single device. These therapies work together to expand your lungs, mobilizing mucus from your airways. Medical teams can determine what treatment cycle is best for patients, then program the Volara System so it’s easy for patients to complete their therapy exactly as prescribed, from the comfort of home.

Synclara Cough System helps clear mucus from your upper airways if you have difficulty coughing on your own. Cough simulation can be a lifesaving therapy for people with reduced lung function. Our Synclara Cough System includes Patient Synchrony and Positive Air Pressure (PAP) on Pause, that allow your doctor to customize your therapy and provide you more comfort.

Welch Allyn Home Blood Pressure Monitors can detect and diagnose hypertension and help patients manage their care in the office and at home. Clinician-connected remote patient monitoring has proven to help get patients to their target blood pressure.5

Shifting care closer to home

Both patients and providers benefit from innovations in home care solutions. When patients are equipped with home health care devices to treat and monitor their own health from the comfort and safety of their home, it can help providers control costs, reduce risk and enhance patient satisfaction. Clinicians can feel confident in reputable solutions that accurately monitor and manage illnesses and enable quality remote patient treatment.

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